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    20100521_GTX_0003.JPGWe all love this mythical and popular car, because we sailed in one being childrens, because someone in the family had one or just because it always made us want it... because it's endearing, whatever we say.
    Its great success is certainly due to the fact that with a simple mechanics, with little or no electronics, it is easy to maintain by yourself without expensive tools, without forgetting that the parts are not expensive and always easy to find. Even today, for some homes, students and people with "little budget", it is a source of great comfort at a lower price: far from car loans and garage mechanics, which are becoming more and more inaccessible. The small engines models (the most common) are very robust and still consume very little, sometimes less than recent "equivalent" cars, which makes it by definition just as ecological, if not even more by the simple fact that we we always use it instead of buying new ones ... At the level of the official technical control, benefiting from its "seniority", it does not undergo the modern standards much too restrictive, the tranquility is assured.
    Today it is still an interesting car for everyday use, especially and clearly from an economic point of view.
    Collectors are also beginning to take an interest in this 30-year-old "granny": restoration, maintenance or refurbishment, repairs, etc ... make it possible to find "newer than new" models for the pleasure of the eyes and to see this French heritage thus safeguarded.
    We have created this community to bring together all those who are interested and who wish to take part in this adventure to preserve their Renault Super 5, whether by maintenance, repair or restoration: you will find here all useful information and tips on these topics.

    The forum is freely accessible in its entirety: there is no need to contribute, buy, neither pay anything to integrate the community and participate.
    To be able to ask questions and share your interest, all you have to do is register and present yourself properly!
    You do not have to have a Super 5: an interest in auto mechanics is enough

    Welcome !

    (This message disappears if you register into the forum)

    [Translated from french using GoogleTranslation tool]



How to made what.

Welcome to Tutorials


To submit a tutorial, you have to post it here, its classification in the subsection that corresponds to it will be automatically done after a certain time, as explained below.


For a better understanding of your tutorial, we ask you if possible to have a clear, precise, punctuated text, and of course with photographs of the key points.
If possible, a list of tools & parts to use during the operation would be more than desirable.


Tutorials without comments or modifications for at least one month are directly closed and pinned in the corresponding sections to highlight them. After a few months they are released (unpinned) to find their place among the existing tutorials, classified by the number of readings.
Authors may request that a tutorial to be reopened for modifications, add content or correct it, just contact a member of the moderation team or administration of the forum indicating the concerned topic.


IMPORTANT: In order to guarantee the continuity of the tutorials, especially their photos, we offer you the possibility of hosting the photos of your tutorial in the forum area. If your attachment quota does not allow you to upload all your photos, contact a member of the administration team and we will do the necessary. 


Thank you of course to respect the rules of the forum! :jap: 


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  2. Miscellaneous

    Making your own tools, open a box, add images, forum usage and anything else than mechanics or equipment...

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    Open discussions about DIego Yourself blog mechanics tutorials

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