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The rules of this forum are relatively simple: behave correctly, be legible and write titles that comply with the rules of each section. You will find these into the header of each section.


Here are some reminders of the basic rules to apply everywhere in the forum:


You must be of legal age to create an account and use the site: even if the published content is not specifically dedicated to adults, the conversations, references and humor used are clearly not adapted to minors.


Politeness, respect and good manners must be privileged and appropriate: demand things politely, do not require them. Privilege dialogue, preferably by private message in case of emotional conflict. Any request or requirement made on the public space of the forum with an aggressive or vindictive tone will be subject to an immediate sanction and not questionable by the administration team of the forum.


Try to stay as clear as possible, it is obvious that we will not tolerate a language like SMS or Kikoulol, you are on a forum where you have time to talk (well ... to write ...) and where members are listening to you, so avoid wasting time to others to decode your publications.


Anything that is racist, defamatory or sexist, the publication of pornographic images or the taking of political parties, are strictly prohibited on the forum. Any overflow will be subject to a non-contestable sanction by the administration team of the forum.


It is forbidden to divulge groups or social networks in the posts or MPs. Ex: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype and others...


The registered e-mail address must be valid and the forum messages must not be reported as spam. This address is only used to validate your publications and will not be transferred to third parties. Any account that does not have a valid email address may be disabled or deleted by the forum admin team.


In the same spirit, personal data should not be displayed in public: to protect members of the forum spammers, marketers and other malicious individuals, personal data such as phone number, email address, postal address, etc ... should not be published in the public area of the forum but exchanged by private message if necessary and under your own responsibility (see privacy policy).


Language: The main language of the forum is French, but you can write comments in English or Spanish without any problem. The use of any language other than these three is strictly forbidden in the forum and any comment published in another language will be deleted.


[Translated using GoogleTranslation]

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