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  1. Hi. In israel baying a car is a big dill even today! A price of a car is 125% more then in any were ales in the world. Do to Texas and tolls .... This is way in the 80's and early 90's cars in Israel was lees safer and sophisticated, and he'd a small engine (1300 cc max! one cc above and you pay a lot of tex!) This is the Maine risen thet old cars switching hands often. It is still hard and in same models impassable to bay a new car unless you are rich... Today It's a bit easier then the past bat still no.2 (in being expensive) after baying a hose. And to ad on thet... we still don't have a sufficient public transport sow... ya
  2. Hello every one . For the past few weeks I'm working very hard on my fiva license. One of many questions thet they ask was to tell the history of the car. Thet was a hard question to answer . We started to ask on the social media for any one thet may have a callow. We never expected for an answer like the one thet we received. Same one whit aware permission took the car vin number and did a comprehensive research in the manufacturer archive. And discover thet: aware car was car no.3 out of 9 thet was ever made in a special order to a diller in Belgium. 8 was sent to Belgium and one left in France. One of the eight (car no.3) later was sent to Israel from Belgium. I was astound, but also very curious way it was sent and to whom. (31 years and 5 previous owners...) I was lackey to find owner no.1 san (owner no.1 died more then 10 years ago in the age of 90) he (the san) was very executed to hear thet the car was still around and well preserved. He tolled as thet his father want to Belgium to bay the car and send it on a container ship to Israel . He invested a lot of maney in this unique car . Because he know thet is going to be his last car in this life time. He kept the car until the and of 1997. When he couldn't drive any more. this is the car story , I wander what happened to the author eight. I will send there vin numbers may be you know Sam ting or may be have one of them..... good bay
  3. Viva la france! And viva Israel. Good morning and great weekend to you all! Sorry thet it took my a will to respond. I am now working on getting a Fiba i.d card for the car Thet will aloud me to take part in world really. and at the same time i am working on the second (first) car.
  4. Hi every one . it's been a long journey . Thet i didn't know who it will start ,and who it will end or when it will and...... Parts came frome all over the world . It took as mire then 4 years of a hard work .And now i can say thet most definently! I have the nieces Renault 5 in Israel (The two nieces Renault 5 ) We did a very big welcome party when we finish the building project. It was in a big parking lot crowded whit all kinds of Renault models . The journey is not over yet! But can it really be over???
  5. Another two things thet are rear thet I found recently are: original ally wiles , and a front grill whit fog light in it.
  6. Hi tank you!. In my two cars I have 1.4 c2j engines . Whit a weber twin carburetor. They are both original frome the manufacturer. They are actually 3 kinds of cavers, like you sed one only to the wiper motor , and 2 kinds for the door one whit scores it came in a gray color and one whit clips and was known in the g.t turbo and the baccra . I'm looking for the one thet cavers all the door. Whit scores or clips no big dill... i have most of the original feathers ins told in the cars. Lights dimmer , luther sits , light in the globes compartment , and many more. All in the idea of making them identical cars and in the highest model thet was. My red one is now manual whit a clio B gear box in it. And the wait one is automatic whit a p.steering for my wife to drive..... thanks for the help! And i will be happy to see what you have. Great day every one!
  7. Hi. My two Renault five where made in the year 1989. They where made in France. One (the red one) was a standard automatic TL . And the other ( the whit one) was a special audition thet was shelf import to israel . It has all kind of features thet where not sold as standers or at all at thet time! here in israel (p.steering , p.windows ,hitaed sits , central locking whit a remote and more!) In order to complete the thrensformicen frome a standers TL (my red R5) to aGTX there are still same parts messing the most important one is the boot caver frome the in side . If same one can help I will be greet full. Nice day to you all!
  8. Hi every one! My name is Gal . And i have two beautiful 1989 renault 5 thet i built and restored in the past few years . I have one of them for 19 years. I drive it avery day! It yous to belong to my grandparents from 1993 until January 1 2000. When the gave it to me. It had only 69000 km (they bot it whit 60000 km only!) At thet time it had an automatic gearbox. Today it have more then 665000 km whit a manual gearbox. The second one (the whiat one) is a shelf import to israel. Thet I found brok 4 years ago and i am fixing and restoring aver since, in israel cars came (and still coming) in a very basic form mostly in the 80's and 90's of the last chancery . Do to hi tax's and income. There for most of the things thet you can ad to you car , are after market made in china... for example: alloy wheels , p.window , central lucking, and the list is long... parts like p.steering , whorm sites , and ethier opponents was never offered to the market at thet time. Only shelf import cars under very special srcemstants (like in my whit R5) all of the original "goodies" where in it. Over the past few years thanks to ebay and modern technology, I managed to bring my cars all most to the maximum of the high standard thet was at thet time. I still need same parts!!! Most important is the boot caver frome inside , if you know where can i get one. Please tell me a but it! Thank you all for reading!
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