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  1. It's ok, I've managed to find them, here is the link if anybody else needs them https://www.piecesetpneus.com/F-19198236-agrafes-pour-carrosserie/P-19198951-restagraf-agrafes-pour-vehicules-type-renault-1159#
  2. Does anybody know the part number of these clips? Most of mine are rusty and I would like to replace them before fitting the side mouldings back on the '87 Express van.
  3. Many thanks, I'm ot looking to do any welding, I'll check my local breakers yard and see what I can find.
  4. The seats in my '87 Express are odd and pretty worn, are there any seat options that fit straight in from another Renault, or is it more involved than simply swapping them over?
  5. thanks very much, I'll get some ordered
  6. Thanks for the partsouq link, would you know the code number on their list of the parts I would need for my type? are mine the split pin type?
  7. Thanks for the great info, I'll try and get a new pair for it, and have a read of the post you mention
  8. thanks for the replies, here are some photos of the door hinges to help identify which type they are, the first 2 are the left door, which has the play, and the 3rd is the right hand door, which is fine
  9. ok, I've got a new window regulator on order from autopiece-discount, only 27.00 euros inc delivery, so I just need some advice on the door hinges, please
  10. Great thanks, I'll take a look through
  11. My next things to sort out on the Express van are: the window for the right hand door doesn't move, I have removed the door card and found 2 pieces of wood that I presume were holding the glass up, is there an easy fix for window regulators? I guess this one has been broken for quite a while. the left hand door drops a little when opened, I can see there is play in the top hinge when rocking the door up and down, also the centre fixing clicks when opening the door wide, I have tightened it a little and it is better, can anything be done with the top hinge?
  12. yes I will do, if it happens again there is a very good old auto electrical garage here in Gorron that I can take it to.
  13. all sorted today, turned out to be a blown fuse, 7.5 amp marked STOP, I've replaced it and everything is working as it should. I did check the earth and all the connections on the back of the instrument panel and they were fine.
  14. Thanks, I'll try and remove it tomorrow and check the connections thanks, I'll check that tomorrow, sounds like a good reason for the sudden failure
  15. Just picked up my Express van this afternoon and it's surprisingly nippy. First thing to sort out is a small problem the previous owner told me has just started last week, several things on the dash have stopped working, the fuel gauge, oil light battery light, hand brake light, and maybe some others, any pointers where to start looking for the problem?
  16. Bonjour, avez-vous des photos de votre Express ?
  17. Thank you for the welcome messages.
  18. Bonjour merci de m'avoir permis de rejoindre votre forum, désolé si la grammaire n'est pas très bonne, j'utilise Google translate pour écrire, je suis un anglais qui apprend toujours le français. J'habite en France depuis 1 an et je viens d'acheter un van Express 1987 que je récupère le week-end prochain. Il s'agit d'un moteur essence 1.1 et il est en bon état général à l'exception d'un joint d'huile de boîte de vitesses qui est en cours de réparation avant que je récupère le fourgon. J'utiliserai la camionnette pour des travaux locaux pour faire connaître mon entreprise, je cherche à améliorer l'apparence en faisant un habillage complet, en peignant les moulures latérales et les pare-chocs, et éventuellement les roues. Je suis sûr que j'aurai beaucoup de questions et j'attends avec impatience d'obtenir des connaissances de bon nombre d'entre vous sur ce véhicule.
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